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Shelby May
Behavior Consulting

Teacher and Student


"Every Minute Counts"

Shelby May Behavior Consulting mission is to provide high quality and compassionate individualized care for our patients using the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. We believe that your child's time is precious—every minute counts when it comes to teaching essential life skills.

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About Us

We provide quality care that will last, by ensuring the parent has an in-depth understanding of ABA and how to apply these methods within their child’s individualized behavior plan. This is done through intensive one-on-one parent consultations in addition to direct services, where parents will be trained on the methods of ABA and how to implement these with their child. Our reasoning behind this, is that the parent will always be the one there for their child, in turn knowing their child the best. This is backed by research, that shows a direct correlation between parent involvement and their child’s positive improvement—this means that even when our staff are not present, results will continue.


Each individualized plan will focus on increasing independence, while decreasing behaviors of concern to ensure that your child will thrive and live as independent in life as possible. Although ABA has a wide variety of methods that are utilized to result in behavior change—we will always use a combination of antecedent and reinforcement approaches to ensure that your child has a positive experience when learning these new skills. Each child is a unique individual who deserves care that is the same—we will make sure to always meet your child where they are currently at.

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